Global logistics consultants maritime search

Global Logistics consultants Maritime search

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Rotterdam, 15 October 2018 –

Starting today, Venturn will take over the executive search activities of Plimsoll. Olivier Binkhorst, Consultant Global Logistics & Maritime Industry and board member of Experts for Experts International, will join Venturn’s team of consultants. Dick Binkhorst, director-owner of Plimsoll, will become member of Venturn’s advisory board.

Plimsoll‘s name derives from the English coal merchant, shipping expert and politician Samuel Plimsoll, who was often referred to as “the sailor’s friend”. He made an effort for better social conditions and for more safety aboard ships. Gradually, the “Plimsoll mark” became a household word in the maritime industry and a symbol for security, reliability, stability and social advancement. And those are exactly Plimsoll’s core values.

Dick Binkhorst started his career in the maritime sector as a merchant navy officer: “From a young age I already told my parents I wanted to work on a ship.” Eventually he became a nautical expert and worked in a management function at several port companies. During this period he saw acquisitions succeed as well as fail. He also noticed the difficulties of finding new staff, especially adequate new management. The help of a general agency was often called upon, but those lacked the knowledge of the port community and transport world.

To Dick, this was an opportunity to begin a more maritime focused consultancy agency and thus Plimsoll was born. Plimsoll has a long history in the maritime and logistics industry, providing expertise in Executive Search and Interim Management, M&A, Strategy and HRM consultancy. Dick’s next step in his career is as a member of the advisory board of Venturn.

Olivier Binkhorst began his career at Plimsoll in 1997 simultaneously with his studies in logistics and transportation. After working for five years as a consultant at Plimsoll and 2.5 years as account coordinator at Samskip, he decided that he wanted to see more of the world. He completed a traineeship at Stanton Chase in Hong Kong and eventually got a job in Shanghai. He stayed in China to set up an office for Plimsoll in 2008.

Olivier with his first employee at Plimsoll's Shanghai office
Olivier with his first employee at Plimsoll’s Shanghai office

In China, Olivier learned how hard life can be in countries outside of Europe. What fascinated him the most was the “positivism” around him, even though the economic crisis had taken a big turn. China was still up and coming and other than the new skyscrapers that popped up around him every day, he noticed growth in every aspect of his environment. When he returned to the Netherlands, he took this positivism with him.

Olivier has now taken a job at Venturn as Senior Consultant, becoming part of the Executive Search team. Olivier is fascinated by the extent to which automation, robotisation and Artifical Intelligence influence our clients’ business processes. “I find it interesting to see how far you can already carry out your activities as a recruiter via LinkedIn, for example. My father used to write contact details of clients on a Rolodex at the start of Plimsoll in the eighties.” On Venturn’s range of services, he adds: “What I like is that Venturn can get into contact with clients via different channels because Venturn has different products to offer. You can provide clients with young professionals, training, strategy consulting or with executive search.”

With Olivier’s addition to the team and Dick’s contribution as a member of Venturn’s advisory board, we create an even more robust and specialised consultancy. By securing Venturn’s Executive Search with this takeover, we create room for growth to develop our other services. We look forward to growing our business consultancy, interim and secondment services, training and development programmes and Young Professionals Programme to offer an even better and broader portfolio of services in the future.

“We are delighted with the takeover of Plimsoll’s search activities,” says Venturn’s managing partner Niels Romme. “This will create an even more robust consultancy, completely specialised in the maritime and logistics sector.”

Olivier Binkhorst: “I look forward to actively contributing to the further growth and development of Venturn’s executive search activities, drawing from over 15 years of experience in international executive search for the maritime and logistics sector in Europe and Asia.”

Added value

The acquisition of Plimsoll’s search activities and bundling Venturn and Plimsoll’s strengths is a logical next step for Venturn. By securing executive search with an experienced team, Venturn creates room to expand our interim services and business consultancy. “We’ve established an ambitious growth path in our strategy 2020,” states founding partner Patrick van de Ven. “With this takeover, we take an important step in realising this growth ambition.”


Plimsoll, founded in 1984, has a long history as consultancy in the international maritime and logistics sector. “The takeover of our search activities by Venturn fits in Plimsoll’s 34-year tradition of quality and continuity,” says Dick Binkhorst. “We know Venturn as an integer company that has achieved a strong growth over the past decennia. We have faith that we will be able to offer our clients and candidates even better and broader services by combining our qualities.”

About Venturn

Venturn is a medium-sized consultancy firm. As a niche player, we aim specifically for the international maritime and logistics industries. From Rotterdam, the ‘smartest port of the world’, we offer business consultancy, worldwide training and development programmes, executive search, interim services and a Young Professionals programme. Venturn currently employs twenty staff members, in addition to our considerable external network of maritime and logistics experts.

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