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Our goal is to improve accessibility, liveability, safety and economic vitality in countries, regions and cites by providing guidance towards the establishment of a sustainable transport and mobility system. In order to provide this guidance we closely work together with our associate Goudappel Coffeng. Since the start of this company (in 1963) Goudappel Coffeng is the market leader in the field of traffic and transportation consultancy. We have expertise on all sixteen relevant fields of Transport and Transportation Planning and Engineering (i.e. Data Collection, Public Transport, Mobility Planning, Enviroment etc.). A complete overview of our expertise can be found in this document. In almost every province and municipality of The Netherlands we have successfully completed projects. Having reached market leadership in The Netherlands and having sold our transport modelling software Omnitrans on all six continents MOVE Mobility and Goudappel Coffeng have adopted an international ambition in our overall company strategy

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If we want to fulfil the expectations that people have for mobility in our ever-growing cities, we need to change. The future will challenge our concept of mobility. We need to adjust our approach, adopt new ideas and adapt to the new demands and limitations. If we want our cities to become better places to live, we have to act now. MOVE Mobility connects people, networks and partners with a single goal: Smart Moving Cities.

We are an intermediary and broker between partners and clients (or potential clients). We contribute ideas for projects and coalitions and we ensure that projects take shape. We do this by proactively responding to tenders (both national and international) and by defining our projects in close collaboration with our partners.

In all these activities, Goudappel Coffeng is our preferred supplier.

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